Friday, May 18, 2012

MF0 Dice Roller

New to the channel is mf0bot, a Python bot I've created using twisted.words and a large amount of code from Jokbot. Currently, it has rudimentary rolling capabilities for MF0. You can ask it for help too: "mf0bot: help" or just "!help".

There isn't much error handling currently, but it works like this. You roll the color of the dice you want by using their upper or lower case beginning letter. In the case of MF0, that means rbgywRG. Lower case are d6s and uppercase letters are d8s. Example syntax:

!mf0 rrRbbGww - Rolls 2d6 red, 1d8 red, 2d6 blue, 1d6 Green, and 2d6 white

And returns something like below (changes coming):

mf0bot> Rolls for rrRbbGww: Red (Attack) - [1, 4, 5], Blue (Defense) - [3, 3], Yellow (Spot) - [0], Green (Move) - [4], Whites (Wilds) - [5, 3]

It'll also accept:

mf0bot: mf0 rrRRRRgbyww

Currently, there's no check in place to see if the dice you roll are indeed valid, so remember to add your white dice and not feed it multiple Gs, etc.

It will however fail if you enter anything in the first field that isn't a MF0 dice. You CAN enter anything else at all that you want after that, the bot will ignore it.

!mf0 bgGyyww - I don't attack, I just jump around and spot stuff

I will post any changes to the bot here in the future, and the source code is available, if you want to scream and run in terror at my Pythonic stumblings.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New webchats available

So, if you look on the right, hopefully, you should see some new webchat links. The first one is the the default link as normal, and you pick your nick before connecting and autojoining. The other two however both autoconnect first, and join you to the channel with a random nick (MoF0-somerandomnumbers). If you use either of those, just change your nick with the command:

/nick (nick goes here)

And you'll be good to go.

Introducing the Mobile Frame Zero IRC Blog!

Hello MoF0s.

This post is to introduce the Mobile Frame Zero IRC Blog, and to be a launching point for access to the IRC through the various web chats. It will host general information such as channel behavior rules, planned discussions, topic updates, and random information about the MF0 game.

That is all for now! Have fun!